What is Interest-Led Learning?

Interest-led learning is just what it sounds like

Letting a child’s interests lead the learning process. After months on the struggle bus trying to implement a more structured daily homeschool life a friend shared  this inspiring book called, “homeschooling gone wild” by Karla Marie Williams. She practices an unschooling/interest-led learning approach with her 6 kids. Throughout the book the author encourages you to seek out ways to dive deeper into the interests of your children making unschooling feel more attainable.

Our first year homeschooling was a lot more isolated then I would have wanted. But it was lovely in it own ways. Year 2 is allowing for more opportunities.  Since summer, we have taken up guitar, working our way through an online art class, how to survive in the woods with their weekly survival class. My girls have (mostly) taught themselves how to hand sew, become involved with politics, skateboard, earning, saving, investing, and spending money for things they value and want.  Currently, they are learning how to use google for exploring new topics. Such as, how to apply makeup, create and edit videos, how to draw Chibi and so much more!  Every day is a gift, and an opportunity to learn something new.

group of young girls learning to skateboard

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