Rv trip to Ocean City, MD

Rv trip to Ocean City, MD

When we purchased our first travel trailer almost five years ago, my best mom-friend and I decided to book a memorable mother/children camping trip which we planned eight months out. We agreed that an RV trip to Ocean City, MD was just the right distance from our home base in Northern NJ and had lots to offer us on the fun factor scale. By the time springtime rolled around, we had learned our best friends were moving cross country, which made the trip an essential opportunity for us to make a fun and unique memory together before they journeyed west. 

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Where Did We Stay

For our RV trip to Ocean City, MD, we took the recommendation to stay at Sun Outdoor RV resort from a friend. IF YOU KNOW ME, I ALWAYS like to include some fun yet equally educational activities for my kids. This camping resort made that easy for me. I am often having learning activities set up for the kids. In addition, you can purchase crabbing nets from the general store and launch them off the dock. This was super cool for everyone and something the four kids STILL talk about. In addition, the campground itself has a wonderful, central location to many attractions and a quick bus ride to and from Assateague Island or downtown Ocean City.

Travel Trailer during RV trip to ocean city, md

Resort Amenities

Sun Outdoors RV resort in Ocean City, MD, provides access to its private bay beach, where you can rent stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and jet skis. Or you can relax on the sand and dip your feet into the warm water. But not before running to the campground General Store to purchase a massive raft for everyone to play with on the water. It was the perfect place for our two families to have a fun, relaxing afternoon while soaking up the Sun. 

While we decided to leave our dogs at home, one of my favorite parts about this resort, in addition to a dog park, also has a separate dog beach! If we ever get the opportunity to go back, it would be so fun to see our girl Una run around happily in the Sun with the girls.

Jackspot Tiki Bar

While we were too exhausted at the end of the night and our kids were just a tad too young to leave solo, I thought it was super cool that Sun outdoors has a 21 and older tiki bar located right on their bay beach at its pier. On selective nights, some local bands performed there LIVE, which we all enjoyed from our campsite.

Splash Pad and Swimming Pool

What RV resort is complete without a swimming pool?! It is always important to me to pick resorts in the summertime that at the very least have a pool, but this one having a splash pad was a HUGE bonus. Our campsite was directly across from the entrance, which was a blessing. One mom could make lunch while the other watched the kids run back and forth between the pool and the splash pad.

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Aside from the mini-golf course, the campground had other fun activities for adults and kids. There is a basketball court and a gym to work out right by the mini-golf course! They also had a game room and playground where the kids had an absolute blast! Sitting by the fire at night being silly, making s’mores, and having fun together was a memory of a lifetime.

kids sitting around campfire during rv trip to ocean city, md

Ocean City, Maryland- The Tourist Heaven

Apart from the campsite where we stayed, Ocean City, Maryland, is a summertime vacation staple on the East Coast. If camping is not your thing, there are many unique places to stay and roam so that you won’t be disappointed.

The Boardwalk

Ocean City is famous for its boardwalk. You will have a blast with games, rides, lots of food options, and ice cream to eat! Lots of Instagram-able moments to be had! Trust me when I tell you, you will fall IN LOVE with the unforgettable sunsets down the boardwalk!

rv trip to ocean city, md boardwalk

Educational-Inspirational Activities For Kids

Besides beautiful sightseeing and boardwalk fun activities, there were tons of educational and inspirational activities to do in the area. Here are 3 for you to check out.

Assateague Island

If you have not yet read (or listened to) Misty of Chincoteague, grab yourself a copy to Assateague. Assateague is a unique barrier island that stretches from Maryland to the Virginia district and is famous for its wild horses. It is based on a true story about these famed horses and a neighboring Island; it is a beautiful story for everyone. Sun Outdoors Ocean City offers free round-trip bus rides to and from the beach.

Assateague is a 48,000 acres package of sandy beaches, salt marshes, maritime forests, and beautiful bays. The island is home to wild horses, better known as ponies.

You can also camp directly ON Assateague, part of the National Parks Service. There are three different campsites at Assateague as well. Assateague National Seashore Park is the most popular, claiming the best place to see the horses while camping.

However, the best part of Assateague is the National parks Junior Ranger program. It’s a great place for trying your hands at wildlife photography, hiking, biking, hanging at the beach, learning about nature, and more!

wild horse on assateague island

Ocean City Life-Saving Museum

As a mom, I always try to introduce my kids to the history of visiting places. The museum is located on the boardwalk at Inlet. Different exhibits and collections, a museum shop, virtual tours, and more.

The Angler Nature Cruise

The Angler Nature Cruise features a tour of the shores of the local National Park of Assateague Island. Kids will be thrilled to see dolphins swimming alongside the boat if they are lucky! It was an excellent opportunity to observe the beautiful coastal areas and take many pretty pictures. 

family having fun in summertime on the water in ocean city, md


There will be ups and downs when traveling with four little kids. But during this trip to Ocean City, Maryland, there were more ups. With our best friends leaving town, we all wanted the trip to be as fun and memory-making as possible. And, it was everything that we hoped for! Ocean City has so much to offer, more than I could even list. But this, along with a trip to Washington DC or New York City, is a trip worth taking next time you’re in the Northeast of the US.

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