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Roadschooling in Lancaster PA

October 2020 I packed up my kids and my girl Marie packed up hers and we met up for a roadschooling in Lancaster PA trip.

Lancaster is the largest Amish community in the country. Because of its size, they have been able to share with it’s visitor how unique this community of people truly are. Deeply rooted in their very private faith and insular community they have figured out how to coexist and benefit from the “English” neighbors they lives in harmony with.  While we won’t ever REALLY know what goes on “behind closed doors” in someone else’s culture.  For our kids  educational purposes it was a wonderful experience and allowed us momma’s to teach our kids first hand how other people live.

Not only did the kids all learn about Amish culture, but they also learned and embraced each others differences.  Marie’s son LOVES to chop wood and build fire pits. In turn, my girls, learned how to use a hatchet and help kindle a fire. But, they also continued to learn about how everyone is different we all have different obstacles to overcome. For example, Levi (Mari’s son) has severe adhd, which has been a journey for their family… one they are still working on even now. It was so special to see how my girls accepted, embraced, and understood that he needed some moments to himself, recognized that his outbursts were not usually because of them, but things outside everyone’s control.   They learned that he has to take medicine and how that helps him.  My girls continue to amaze me at how accepting they are to all walks of life.


 How we went roadschooling in Lancaster PA during our trip

The trip was broken into 2 parts – Lancaster and Philly.  On our main day in Lancaster we spent it taking a bus and walking tour with The Amish Farm & House  .We learned all the inventive ways they make money for their families, their schooling, We were able to walk through Amish owned stores, farms, they spoke with workers who wove fabric, made horseshoes for the horses, spent time with the animals on the farm but one that I found interesting is how Amish do not go to church every Sunday and what those traditions look like a bit more. Overall, it is definitely a place to spend a weekend with your family. They have wonderful shopping, farmers markets, amazing homemade pretzels, german inspired food and incredible views of Lancaster County.

The next day we spent time on our campground, Lancaster/New Holland KOA and took a trip across the road to a wonderful in-home donut shop where we got to enjoy freshly baked donuts made by, none other than an Amish family. After spending a day relaxing and learning through play, and attempting to find a place to eat dinner…  We woke up the next day and headed into Philly.   If you’d like to know about our Philly adventures, Click HERE.

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  1. Never heard of roadschooling before but it sounds like an amazing, immersive experience for you and your children. I love that you all found a way to incorporate education into your travels.

  2. This is such an incredible memory your kids will have. Interestingly enough, I went on a roadtrip around the USA with my family when I was 12. We also went through the Amish communities of Pennsylvania. It’s a memory that is still vivid in my mind. Your kids will remember this forever, what awesome memories you’re giving them.

  3. This is really cool as I didn’t realize that roadschooling was a thing. I am glad that you are able to experience this with your kids and with your friend as well. It really is very cool. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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