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Roadschooling day trip to Philly with the kids

Have you ever taken a day trip to Philly ?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me. I freakin’ LOVE cities. When people ask if I LOVE to hike (since we really enjoy camping life, etc..) my usual response is; yah I like hiking, but give me a concrete jungle and I can hike that all day long! My girls and I just feed off the energy they have. I will also add, that the major east coast cities, Philly, in particular are SO chock full of American history it would be a SHAME to not explore them with your children. We def plan to go back more than once!

If you don’t remember, this day trip to Philly was part of a larger/longer 4 day camping trip to Lancaster, PA and our MAIN purpose to make this roadschooling day trip was to take a historical walking tour and earn a Philadelphia Junior Ranger Badge! It is SO MUCH FUN and a great way to get your kids excited for exploring and learning.

Our walking tour in Philly

Before traveling to Philly with our kids I did some research. We had spent the last 6mns learning all about the election, where the constitution was written and signed, the original colonies, revolutionary war, and more. This trip was putting a face to the places we had talked, read, watched and learned about. I wanted to pick a tour that would reflect and touch upon some of those teachings.

In the end, I opted to go with The Constitutional and secure tickets for all 6 of us (Remember, we went with our friends) for a 75min walking tour . I chose this tour because:

A: it included 20 historical spots
B: most (if not all) of those spots were part of the Philadelphia Junior Ranger Badge scavenger hunt packet.

When we arrived we learned that the tour would be private and the tour guide humored us and let us take the time to fill in our badges as we walked. It was TRULY amazing to witness that things we’d been doing at home helped to connect the dots when on this day trip to Philly. By the end, we were ALL exhausted! It was a fun, proud moment for our kids to receive their badges and take the “NPS Junior Rangers Oath” All in all it was an A+ kinda day. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick day trip or as part of a larger weekend trip.

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