Our Homeschool Curriculum 2021

As an almost unschooling family we don’t use any specific “boxed” homeschool curriculum. Instead our homeschool curriculum in 2021 are a collection of things I’ve cobbled together that I feel are important to focus on. We then fill in with life experiences or games along the way. If you’d like to understand more about what unschooling/interest-led learning means, etc… check it out HERE. You might be wondering what the heck do we do all day…? A lot actually! Since we are not 100% ballz to the wallz unschooling I do have a short, daily set of requirements I try to fulfill.

On a semi-daily basis we do the following

How did we choose what to focus on?

I choose those subjects to focus on as our “homeschool curriculum” over ones like Language Arts, science or history? In my opinion the “Three Rs” (reading, writing, and arithmetics) are key tools to help you gain more knowledge in any subject. If you can read and write, you can create stories, or learn or about history, and even learn to type and more! If you understand the basics of math/arithmetic, it is the beginnings to being able to learn more outside the box thinking and/or science. In our home subjects such as science, history, social studies, LA, etc.. are all done organically. We learn through conversation, audiobooks, reading together, playing games, watching movies, documentaries, musicals, youtube, experiments, subscription boxes, visiting museums, traveling, walking tours, art, and everything in between.

creating nature journals

Our 2021 curriculum choices

Math – https://mathusee.com/
Why? because I like that it teaches math in a mastery style vs a spiral math curriculum. My girls found spiral math very confusing. I also like that each lesson comes with a short intro/explanatory video. Included is a set of block manipulatives, workbook, test book, and parent guide. As far as homeschool math curriculum go, I won’t lie – at times it is a little boring.. but it is through and thoughtful and does a good job at making sure all the important aspects of math are covered.

Finishing her first level of math u see

Spelling – https://demmelearning.com/products/spelling-you-see/
Why? Because this homeschool curriculum it is super simple to use for both parent and child!. When I read this off the website, it just MADE SENSE – “Our methods help develop pattern recognition and aid long-term visual memory of commonly used, non-phonetic words,  allowing children to become confident spellers.”
My older daughter has dysgraphia and spelling is a struggle. She needs lots of repetition and simple ways to learn to spell – this is very simple, short, to the point and low stress. She actually LOVES to do it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Some spelling, math, copywork, and previously used curriculum

Copywriting – https://www.amazon.com/dp/1078485798?tag=staceyilyse-20
Why? Because “what the hand writes, the mind remembers” The purpose of copywork is to get into the child’s visual (and motor) memory. To work on handwriting, and to continue to reinforce muscle memory of the hand.
We LOVE this copywriting book off amazon! Every page on the left is an Aesop Fable – and at the end is a lesson to be learned. My girls each read the story they are on outloud to me (reading practice) and then we discuss what the meaning of the lesson/story is about. They then do the copywork on the right side of the page.

Reading – Nothing specific – just any book they please 😉
Why? Because reading is IMPORTANT. When you read, you exercise your comprehension, stirs up your imagination, triggers memories and emotions, increases knowledge, and strengthens “mental muscles.” I try and encourage reading daily. I also allow for them to listen to audiobooks throughout the day, on long car rides, etc. If you find your kiddo is not that interested in reading, check out my 6 tips to help your kiddo become more interested in reading post.


In addition to these loosely required subjects we also use a few online games, board games, and recently signed up for miacademy — https://miacademy.co/ . This is a FULL online homeschool curriculum and we are new to the program. I find it has some pluses and minuses. I plan to do a full review of the program at the end of our first month of using it – so stay tuned!

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