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Homeschool Curriculum while traveling

Because we are on the road a lot I try to keep our homeschool curriculum while traveling to a minimum. With a lot of trial and error, we have found things that work for this stage in life. Below is a Youtube video with more details on what we use, why, how they all work, etc.! If you decide to keep scrolling down, I link to those different curriculums for easy access!

This post and the video DO talk about my minimal curriculum choices. While I like to consider myself a roadschooler or an “almost unschooler” I opt to do a small number of homeschooling curricula. Because my kids have specific learning challenges, such as Dysgraphia/Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, continuously working their minds helps overcome hurdles that could become more significant problems later in life if we don’t lay a strong foundation in their younger years.

Our Homeschool Curriculum

With my daughters and I all having ADHD, I find using a curriculum that does not require more than 30+ minutes on any subject has helped keep us thriving and accountable to finish what we need to do daily.
*Each of the recommended homeschool curriculum listed below are intended to be done daily within a 10-20min (or less) timespan.

Math – MathUsee
This is easy to use for both parents and children. It is simple, to the point, and works in a mastery style of math.

Spelling – Spelling You See
Created by the same company, it has a similar, straightforward spelling approach.

Phonics – ToebyToe
I have tried MANY different phonics-based reading programs in the last two years. This one, BY FAR, is the easiest to implement while still breaking down and teaching kids how to decode words and letter sounds to learn to read. Both of my girls already know how to read. However, Remy was diagnosed with “phonological dyslexia” (I think it is dysgraphia), making SPELLING very challenging. To simplify, if you can’t DECODE words to read, you can’t ENCODE them to spell. Think chicken before the egg analogy. So, bring in Toe by Toe. We will work through this program to ensure they have a complete understanding and grasp of phonics to give them all the skills they need to read and spell more confidently as they get older and books or topics get more complex.

**A teacher from Britain initially created this program – so please make sure to use the link provided so you receive the American version rather than order the book off amazon and receive the UK one.

(* these next three links below are affiliate links*)

Language Arts/Reading/Historical Figures – Who Was workbooks
Social Studies/Science/Historical Figures – Who Was workbooks
If you’ve ever read, watched on Netflix, or listened to the “Who was” book series, it is an excellent ever-growing collection of fun, easy, short educational books and historical figures, topics, or points in history. Here’s a link for a box set of 25 books on amazon to get you started! I enjoy these “who was” workbooks (which begin at grade 2 and go up quite a few grades) for their simplicity and ease. They give a quick synopsis of person or time in history and ask the student to do a bit of digging and thinking on the topic and at the same time have two additional worksheet pages expanding concepts, grammar, and more. It is low-key, low commitment but still teaching at the same time. We do this 1-2x a week.

There you have it! Our curriculum in a nutshell! If you’re wondering about “Everything else,” well, that’s what the world is for. To teach you as you get out there and explore it! My girls are so worldly and intelligent in so many ways… I’d be a fool to worry.

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