Are Schools really Important for Socializing?

Will your kids be socialized if they are homeschooled?! 

I’m not worried about my homeschooled children and their socialization. Not even a little bit! Everyone always says you need schools for our kids to socialization – but really, they have very very little time to do that naturally. Unlike when we were growing up – and had an hour (or longer) for lunch and recess, some places even had recess 2x a day!  Unlike the school my girls went to where they only have a total of 35mins for lunch and recess combined.. during which they are not allowed to sit with who they like and can only play with kids in their own grade. Then, during the school day they do everything else with the children in their individual classes with no guarantee that they will jive with anyone in class or that the overall vibe in the classroom will be cohesive. Both my girls experienced this at some point, as did I much of elementary school.

In the homeschool community

Kids get out and play and do things outdoors with other children of all ages, often for many hours a day and numerous times a week.. depending on their schedule, family life etc… They also make and choose more meaningful friendships based on likes/activities/ family friendships… rather than just the xx number of kids in their grade.. many of whom they might never even get to know due to class selection or friend “cliques”. To be honest, even though we live in a small town with many lovely families I never felt 100% comfortable with having my kids go on playdates at such a young age without me there or really getting to know the family they are spending time with, nor do I love having someone’s child I don’t know well at my home. What if they had an accident, or were being unkind to my children, what if they were afraid of our dogs, or rude to my husband or I… without knowing the child or the parent, how can I comfortably react to the many situations that could arise while watching their child. Yet, due to the social norms of our town I had to adjust very quickly if I wanted my girls to have a relationship beyond the school playground with any of the kids in her class.
I know my girls are well socialized, happy, and well adjusted AND I can now do this with likeminded people, choose to have my girls interact and foster friendships with other kids and families I feel a connection with, or spend more time with family friends and prioritize those. Bottom line, my kids, just like the vast majority of other kids who are homeschooled, are just fine.

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