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Welcome, I’m Stacey and I’ve always loved to adventure! From my days traveling via bus on teen tours through Europe to adventure travel through Mexico and down the coast of California to road trips all over the south, southwest, and New England, living and backpacking through Italy, and traveling in Israel. I knew early on that traveling would be part of my journey as a mother. Learning to be flexible, finding a “home” within the fabrics of your own backpack, or walls of a small campervan, and appreciate what this world has to offer. Here we are 5 years into our travel journeys and the fun is just beginning! As a homeschooling/unschooling family, the world is our school and we plan to make the most of it.  A bit about me; I love my girls, my dogs, my man. I feel happiest in small spaces. Favorites are: singing loudly in the car, dancing like a goofball, eating tacos whenever possible, taking photos, making videos, traveling often, and laughing a lot.


Loves tumbling, bossing her sister around, doing magic tricks, creating movies, anything to do with water, daring, brave, smart, kind, and her mom’s ultimate travel buddy.


Loves to dance to the beat of her own drum, draw beautiful creations, train Una, read and snuggle! She’s lovable, loud, vivacious, smart as a whip, and driving her momma crazy 😜. 


The tiny sidekick. Sometimes thinks she’s an Octopus, Sometimes a Bat, always cute, goofy, demanding, snuggly, and making us laugh with her Queen-like demeanor.