A Fun Way to Learn Spanish- 10 Reasons to use Homeschool Spanish Academy

Why it’s Important to Learn a Second Language

Did you know of the positive impact speaking a second language has on your kids? As a homeschooling family and avid traveler, I’ve discovered that speaking another language, specifically Spanish, can help you when you’re exploring the world.

When you’re bilingual, moving around is more accessible. You can easily ask for directions and feel independent while exploring. It’s empowering by the human connection you can create with others from different cultures.

Speaking Spanish is one of the best gifts you can give to your child, and today is the best time to do it. With over 400 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide, the United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking population globally- with close to 53 million. Giving our kids the gift of another language makes sense since our children’s chances of encountering other Spanish-speaking kids are high and more likely than ever before!

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Introducing Spanish classes to our lifestyle has been easygoing and wonderful for my daughter. Knowing Spanish will allow her to create a broader sense of community, appreciation of diversity, and self-awareness. Learning a second language is also a significant boost to their academic achievements.

Want a fun way to learn Spanish? The guide below will take you through all you need to know before embarking on the language learning journey. In addition, I’m giving you all the details on why you need to start Homeschool Spanish Academy, our favorite homeschool Spanish program.

The #1 Spanish Program for Homeschooling Families

It doesn’t matter if you’re living the van life, traveling full time, part-time, or staying at home. You can’t pass up on Homeschool Spanish Academy; it is easy to implement and start at any time, and it’s a fun way to learn Spanish!

Homeschool Spanish Academy (HSA) is an accredited online language learning program with more than a decade of Spanish immersion and teaching. I love that they set you up with everything you need for your child to become fluent. They provide the ideal support from the Spanish curriculum, homework, unique activities, printables, quizzes, and report cards (if you want them). I love that my girl was most interested in conversational Spanish- so that is what she and her teacher are focusing on. The effective results from classes with native teachers from Guatemala exceeded my expectations so far.

10 Reasons to use Homeschool Spanish Academy in your Child’s Education

1. Flexible Scheduling

Fitting a language into your child’s homeschool routine is way easy. HSA’s programs are geared towards homeschoolers and adapt to our crazy schedules.

When you enroll your child in one of HSA’s programs, you don’t need to move around other classes or activities. Not the other way around! It’s excellent because of the option of deciding the time and day your child will learn Spanish.

As you know, my daughters and I enjoy traveling. Choosing when and where to study makes keeping up with schooling while on the road easier and more enjoyable. You have flexibility with HSA. It’s nice that they have so many time slots to accommodate us homeschoolers, making it easy to find times that work. You also have one full year to use the classes you have purchased!

2. Balanced and Stress-free Approach

Homeschool Spanish Academy has a kid-friendly fun way to learn Spanish by using human-centered learning strategies. Lessons are designed to keep the kids engaged and motivated.

They focus on developing the four foundations of language acquisition:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The programs help children master these through language immersion. Lessons combine using videos, music, books, movies, art, games, and other activities that provide an anxiety-free experience in language learning.

3. Online Classes You Can Access Anywhere

Spanish classes with HSA are held over Google Hangouts. When you’re a homeschool mom/family that travels, this facilitates language learning from anywhere we go. I hop on my T-mobile hotspot, and BAM – classroom ready! If you need help figuring out how to get internet on the road, here are some excellent options.

4. Certified and Native Spanish-speaking Teachers

Homeschool Spanish Academy is located in Antigua, Guatemala. Their locally based team teaches over 40,000 classes a month to students worldwide. Learning Spanish from native speakers takes your child’s homeschool to the next level.

They provide cultural insight and an authentic classroom dynamic where idiomatic expressions, accents, and pronunciation are natural for the teachers, making it easier for the kids to learn properly. In addition, the teachers go through a certification process that guarantees high-quality learning. 

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5. Interactive Lessons

HSA’s programs are made to take your child’s potential to the next level. Through their lessons, they improve your child’s cognitive and decision-making abilities. Their programs also provide access to dozens of free lesson packs with printables, vocabulary, games, songs, and valuable tips for keeping your Spanish classroom amusing and educational. With HSA’s interactive, fun ways to learn Spanish, you can also choose to integrate homework, class reviews, quizzes, games, art projects, and vocabulary lessons. We opted to keep it simple and not do any examinations.

6. Fit for Every Grade Level

HSA has a Spanish curriculum for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. With each age group, the classes cover more vocabulary and grammar. The Spanish preschool program for ages 5 to 6 covers the foundations of pronunciation and basic concepts, such as numbers, objects, colors, and pictures. At the same time, the program for high schoolers is meant for students to master Spanish grammar.             

7. Affordable Pricing

I love that in a world where everything adds up, your money will stretch and pay off with Homeschool Spanish Academy. Their pricing plans won’t leave a hole in your wallet or require significant investment.

The pricing varies based on the number of students, the bundle of classes, and the class duration. You can purchase packages of 15, 30, and 60 courses. The class duration is either 25 or 50 minutes. For example, a 60 class bundle of 25-minutes goes as low as  $7 per class!

You can enroll your children in a one-to-one class or a two-person class. We opted for 1:1 lessons as we find that works best for our girl. But, what’s more, you can pay in installments or in full. Whatever works for you! HSA also allows siblings to study together and share their language learning journey.

8. High School Credit

HSA tracks your child’s progress through report cards. This allows them to enhance academic achievement with credits. Many universities include foreign languages in their admission requirements. HSA offers students High School credit that can easily be transferred to higher educational institutions.

9. A Curriculum Like No Other

The unique curriculum at HSA isn’t just about grammar and vocabulary; it’s about experiencing Spanish and the beautiful cultures that speak it.

Their programs have many opportunities for grasping the language through history, art, literature, science, and curiosities. The cultural appreciation and feeling you get when learning Spanish create a connection that keeps them interested, engaged, concentrated, and goal-oriented!

Get a sneak peek from a free sample of HSA’s curriculum of any level:

10. Free Trial Class

Everyone likes FREE! You can sign your child up for a free trial class with one of their fantastic native teachers from Guatemala. You can choose between male/female, older/younger, whatever you think works best for your kiddo! It is an excellent opportunity for your kids to get to know their teacher and for you to test their responses.

One trial class alone proves that practicing conversation with a native speaker enables students to use Spanish intuitively and naturally with others. It’ll put your child on the right track to learning a second language and becoming the best at it.

My daughter was SO excited to take the trial class and asked afterward that we sign up. It’s been fun for me to watch her learn to speak more confidently and try to quiz ME after her sessions.

Final Thoughts

HSA is a great alternative way to give our kids the opportunity to learn another language. We tried in-person and group classes, and it was HARD! The varying degree of experience left my girl bored. I’m glad I found this program, allowing her to continue learning on our timeframe and skill level. If you can, take me up on the opportunity for a free class. You won’t be disappointed!

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